The organization exists to serve and protect all animals in Botswana against cruelty, to uplift their welfare and that of the communities they live in by educating the public about essential animal care and welfare. The organization also ensures that the protection animals have under the Botswana law is upheld and respected.

Besides being a safe haven for neglected and abused animals while waiting to be adopted into new loving homes, the BSPCA serves as an educator to the public about proper means of animal care and welfare. The organization holds outreaches and awareness campaigns in malls and schools to educate the public of Botswana about animal welfare. During these campaigns, informational materials such as brochures and flyers are distributed mainly focusing on the five freedoms of animals.


  1. Freedom From Hunger And Thirst

  2. Freedom From Discomfort

  3. Freedom To Express Normal Behavior

  4. Freedom From Fear And Distress

  5. Freedom From Pain, Injury And Diseases
  • Pet adoption

    Rescued animals are sheltered to be rehomed through adoption. Animals available for adoption at the shelter are dogs, cats and rabbits.

  • Pet boarding

    Boarding services are provided for pet owners who need their dogs to be taken care of for a particular number of days.

  • Dipping and grooming

    We dip dogs for ticks, wash, nail and fur trimming.

  • Cat trap hire

    We have cat traps which are hired by individuals who are troubled by stray and wild cats.

  • Trap neuter and release

    The organization help reduce the population of stray cats in the community by trappinq and neutering stray cats and releasing them back to their territory.

  • Bookshop

    The organization has a second hand books donated which are sold at very low prices.

  • Bark & Bite Coffee Shop

    The Bark & Bites coffee shop which operates only on saturdays provides hot and cold beverages with home baked goods donated by volunteers.

  • Volunteering

    In addition to the committee and staff, the organization operates through the help of volunteers.

  • Organization Name: Botswana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • Abbreviated Name: BSPCA.
  • Established year: 1987
  • Address: PO Box 46744, GaboroneBotswana.
  • Location: Plot 53949, Broadhurst Tsholofelo East. Along the new tarred road leading to the water treatment plant.
  • Contacts: Email; office.bspca@gmail.com. Tel; +267 3500621. Cell (emergency); +267 71820111
  • Organization recognition: Registered by the Society of Botswana. Reg. No. CR0973

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